Climate Positive Farming and Sustainable biofuels


Climate positive fuels is a concept developed by the BIKE partner UPM which addresses the issues of carbon sequestration, soil health and biomass production by using specific agricultural practices. The main element is the introduction of additional cover crops to the existing crop rotation, in areas and during seasons where the land is not typically in productive use. Such approach can lead to:

  • Increased carbon sequestration of the soil;
  • Reduced soil erosion;
  • Increased biodiversity;
  • Increased nutrient retention of the soil and increased productivity;
  • Additional sustainable feedstock for the production of Climate Positive Fuels.

UPM is piloting this technique in Uruguay for the sustainable production of biofuels. In BIKE, this will be further developed and analysed in additional case studies involving the use of Brassica carinata in Italy and in Greece.

Learn more on the Climate Positive Fuel concept in this publication from UPM

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