Online events

Upscaling the production of low-ILUC risk biomass feedstock – EUBCE 2023

Production of low-ILUC risk biomass feedstock – Multi project workshop 

Low ILUC risk biomass feedstock for SAF and soil carbon sequestration in Mediterranean marginal land

Certification schemes for energy crops and good practices from the field / BIKE project webinar

Field visits

Open lab in Aliartos (Greece)

Open lab in Thessaloniki- (Greece)

Open lab in Candidoni – (Italy)

Video pills

David Chiaramonti
RE-CORD/Polito, Italy

Federico Maria Grati
ENI, Italy

Efthymia Alexopoulou
CRES, Greece

Kennedy Mutua
AKI, Ungary &
George Vourliotakis
Exergia, Greece

Oona Koski
UPM, Finland

Elwuin Fiallos
ISCC, Germany

Chris Malins
Cerulogy, UK