Marginal land for growing industrial crops

On the 2nd december 2021, the MAGIC project hosted its final event, which was organized in a hybrid form, with participants attending it physically and virtually. The event was organized in colalboration with the BIKE and BECOOL projects, and saw a wide array of presentations focussing on low ILUC risk fuels, utilization of marginal lands and additionality principles.

BIKE was represeted by Andrea Salimbeni (RE-CORD) and Calliope Panotsou (Imperial College London) who intervened in the panel titled “Low-ILUC risk biomass for biofuels and the bioeconomy”. The panel was chaired by Maurizio Cocchi from ETA Florence.

The presentation from Andrea Salimbeni introduced the main features of the BIKE project and discussed some policy aspects related to biofuels. It also gave an overview on the current biofuels production capacity available in Europe, a topic thoroughly detailed in Deliverable 3.1.

The presentation form Calliope Panotsou discussed the opportunities for the biofuel production arising from the use of crops cultivated thanks to productivity increases and sustainable farming practices. This can be achieved displacing no land and maintaining the food production stable.

From the liks below you can download the presentations:

Perspectives of low ILUC risk biofuel production systems in Europe

Additional feedstock from productivity increases for European biomass crop options



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