A glance at case studies

BIKE worked on four case studies that were modelled to support: (i) planning of low-ILUC biomass production, (ii) production of biomethane using low-ILUC biomass feedstocks, (iii) production of bioethanol using Miscanthus cultivated on unused lands, and (iv) production of HVO using castor seed cultivated on degraded lands.


The model and optimisation-based methodologies addressed the challenges related to climate positive farming solutions assessment for the case studies. The models were based on the supply chains of the case studies.

Moreover, a GIS mapping activity and value chains assessment was performed to assess the replicability of BIKE case studies in Europe and their potential contribution to the EU renewable energy share. The results of the assessment activity, summarized in D3.3 and D3.5, brought to identify the potential production of HVO, biodiesel, F.T. fuel and lignocellulosic ethanol by replicating the BIKE value chains in the EU territory within 2030.


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