Low ILUC risk biomass feedstock for SAF and soil carbon sequestration in Mediterranean marginal land – BIKE & BIO4A webinar

This webinar focussed on the preliminary results of the Horizon 2020 projects BIO4A and BIKE, for the development of low ILUC risk biomass feedstock for SAF in marginal land in European dry Mediterranean areas.

You can re-watch the webinar at this link

You can download the presentation down here

Perspectives of low ILUC risk biofuel production systems in Europe – Andrea Salimbeni (RE_CORD) [DOWNLOAD]

Mapping the sustainable potential for advanced biofuel production on marginal lands in the EU Mediterranean region – Calogero Schillaci (European Commission Joint Research Centre)

Application of biochar and compost on Camelina crops in semi-arid land: effects on feedstock production and soil health – Tommaso Barsali (RE-CORD) [DOWNLOAD & DOWNLOAD 2]

Cultivation of Camelina in semi-arid land with high risk of desertification
Javier Prieto (Camelina Company Espana) [DOWNLOAD]

Best agronomic practices for low ILUC risk biomass feedstock – Efi Alexopoulou (CRES) [DOWNLOAD]

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